Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. We will continue to update them regularly. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to contact us.


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What is Adoptify?

Adoptify is a donation collection platform dedicated to animal protection. We list charities working for animal welfare to help them receive more donations to continue their mission of saving abandoned or mistreated animals.

What is Adoptify’s mission?

Through our donation platform, we aim to spotlight all local animal protection charities in France. These charities are often overlooked as they might lack the means to communicate and gain visibility. Our goal is to make them shine on a national scale. With our directory of charities and a system to facilitate secure donations, they gain more visibility and chances to receive donations to help animals in need.

Is Adoptify a company?

No, Adoptify is a nonprofit organization registered as a “fonds de dotation” (endowment fund) with the Prefecture of Gironde since November 2022. We are volunteers and work on this platform alongside our respective activities. Our experience mainly comes from the tech world, specifically fintech (financial technology).

Is Adoptify free?

Yes, Adoptify is completely free for charities.

How does Adoptify generate revenue?

To develop our services and help animal protection charities, we have operating expenses. It's important to know that each donation costs us between 1.5% and 4% of the donated amount due to transaction fees. We also need to ensure the smooth functioning of the secure system that connects donors and charities and channels the donations to the right place. That's why we suggest donors to add a small amount or percentage to contribute to our development when validating their donation to an animal protection charity. Adoptify is a nonprofit organization. The amount you contribute is also tax-deductible at 66%.

Why contribute to Adoptify?

When validating your donation to a charity on the Adoptify platform, you also have the option to add a contribution to us. This amount helps us cover our operating expenses without depriving charities of a percentage of their donation. The amount you offer benefits, just like your donation, from a 66% tax deduction. A little paw boost is always welcome. Let's together help the animal protection charities in our regions shine!

Are donations for Adoptify’s development tax-deductible?

Yes, you are eligible for a 66% tax deduction on the amount you give to contribute to the development of our platform.

Can I contribute to Adoptify in ways other than financial donations?

Currently, we primarily need a helping hand to raise awareness and cover our operating costs. Feel free to follow us on our social media and share our content. This helps us continue the journey and develop new services to simplify the daily tasks of animal protection charities.

Who is behind the Adoptify project?

Behind the Adoptify project are Léa, Youssef, and Raph, three animal enthusiasts and professionals in the fintech sector. As adopters, volunteers, and foster families for a charity, the founders experienced firsthand the daily administrative tasks and burdens in animal protection. This is what motivated them to help other local charities reduce their administrative tasks related to donations.

How can I contact the Adoptify team if needed?

You can contact us through our contact form. We will provide you with a response as soon as possible.

Does Adoptify operate in multiple countries?

Currently, Adoptify only lists French local animal protection charities.

How can I stay informed about the latest features and developments of Adoptify?

To keep up with the latest developments at Adoptify, sign up for our newsletter!

Is making a donation on Adoptify secure?

Yes, your online donations are secure. Your data is protected through advanced encryption during transmission. Similarly, the details of your payment method are securely transmitted directly to our payment provider. We take security seriously, and your personal information and financial data are truly protected during transactions on Adoptify.

What payment methods are accepted to donate to a charity?

To donate to a charity on Adoptify, you can pay by credit card (CB, Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or via Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

Are there transaction fees associated with my donations through Adoptify?

Transaction fees are part of our operating costs, and we cover them. This is why we ask for a small contribution, even if it's to avoid losing money with each donation and jeopardizing the survival of our platform and its goals for charities. As a donor or charity, you do not incur any fees.

Can I get a refund if I made a donation by mistake?

Once you have confirmed your donation, you cannot obtain a refund. However, if you believe you have been charged by mistake or due to payment fraud, please contact us as soon as possible.

Is there a minimum amount to donate on Adoptify?

Yes, you can make a donation to a charity on Adoptify starting from €1.

Is there a maximum amount to donate on Adoptify?

Yes, the maximum amount is €10,000, including contributions, for making an online donation on Adoptify. For donations exceeding this limit, please contact us.


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How can I make a donation to a charity using Adoptify?

To donate to a charity via Adoptify, simply search for a charity based on its name, region, protected animal species, or the presence of the PATTE Blanche label. Then select the profile you want and click on the "Donate" button. Finally, define the amount you want to donate and proceed with the payment.

When will I receive my tax receipt?

We send your tax receipt via email in the year following your donations. Generally, we send them between the months of January and March.

Will I also receive a tax receipt if I contribute to Adoptify?

Yes, because Adoptify is an endowment fund. This status allows us to collect donations both for animal protection charities and to support our operations. Donations you make to Adoptify are tax-deductible at 66%, just like those you make to charities working for animal welfare. You will receive a tax receipt if you contribute to the development of our platform.

Can I get a copy of my tax receipt if I lose it?

Your tax receipt remains accessible through your user account. If you haven't created an account on Adoptify, you can still do so later. As long as you use the same email address used for your donations, we can retrieve your donations and provide you with your tax receipt.

What types of charities are listed on Adoptify?

Adoptify lists French animal protection charities. This includes those that protect cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, rodents, equines, birds, reptiles, and farm animals.

Why can't I find a charity I know on Adoptify?

We strive to gather all animal protection charities in France. However, some may not know about us yet. In that case, feel free to tell them about us so they can register!

Can I suggest a charity that is not yet on the platform?

Certainly, you can contact us, or even better, you can directly ask the charity to register on Adoptify.

How can we report incorrect information on a charity's profile?

To report incorrect information on a charity's profile, please contact us.

Can I edit a donation I have made?

As long as you have not confirmed your payment, you can modify the amount you want to donate to the charity and your contribution to Adoptify. Once your donation is confirmed, you can no longer change the amount.

Will I receive notifications when my donation is used by the charity?

Currently, this feature is not available on Adoptify.

Is my donation always sent to the charity of my choice?

Adoptify always transfers your donation to the chosen charity via bank transfer. If the charity has not yet completed its registration, we contact them to inform them of your donation and invite them to take the necessary steps to receive the funds. If, despite our efforts, we still cannot deliver the amount to the chosen charity, we will refund your entire donation. Please note that this scenario has not occurred as of today.

How can I get detailed information about the projects and needs of the charity before making a donation?

On the charity profiles, you will find links to their website or social media accounts, in addition to the written presentation of their mission for animals. This way, you can become familiar with the current projects and needs of the charities. If you do not find recent information, you can also contact them via email or phone. Their contact details are provided on their profile on Adoptify.

Can I leave a message with my donation?

Currently, we haven't developed this functionality.

Can I set up recurring donations on Adoptify?

Yes, you can set up recurring donations on Adoptify. When making a donation, you have the option to choose the recurrence (one-time or monthly). You can then find them in your user account under the "My Donations" category.

How can I stop monthly donations on Adoptify?

At any time, you can stop the recurrence of your donations from your user account in the "My Donations" section.

How can I track the history of my donations and the charities I have supported on Adoptify?

In your Adoptify user account, you can track your donations in your history under the "My Donations" section.

Can animal protection charities receive donations from companies on Adoptify?

Yes, of course. Companies can also donate to registered animal protection charities on Adoptify. To do so, simply check the box 'I am donating on behalf of a company' when making a donation to a charity. Your company name will be requested in addition to your email.


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How can I register a charity on Adoptify?

To register your charity on Adoptify, simply complete the form. The National Association Register (Répertoire National des Associations) number, charity name, registered office address, email, and phone number will be requested. Finally, you can provide additional details (logo, website, social media, mission of the charity, and supported animal species). Don't forget to provide your bank details to receive donations. And that's it, it's as simple as that!

What criteria must my charity meet to register on Adoptify?

Adoptify lists all French animal protection charities, regardless of the rescued animals. Your charity needs to work for animal welfare in France to be eligible for registration on our platform.

Is registration in the charities directory free?

Yes, registration for your charity is free.

How long does it take for my charity's profile to be approved and created after registration?

When you register and provide information about your charity, it is immediately visible on Adoptify. We conduct parallel verifications to ensure the accuracy of your profile and the provided information.

How does the verification process for charities on Adoptify work?

When you register your charity on Adoptify, we are notified and verify the accuracy of the information provided on your profile. This verification may include requests for additional documents to confirm the legitimacy and compliance of the charity. We strive to make this verification process as smooth as possible and only contact you for additional information when absolutely necessary.

Can my charity collect funds for specific projects on the Adoptify platform?

Currently, you can only collect general donations via the Adoptify platform. Fundraising campaigns and sponsorships will be introduced later.

How are donations transferred to animal protection charities?

Adoptify transfers donations to the charity's bank account through bank transfers.

When will we receive the donations collected via Adoptify?

Donations are sent via bank transfer every Monday for amounts of €20 or more collected, or once a month without any minimum amount.

How can we update the information on our charity's profile?

To update the information on your charity's profile, simply log in to Adoptify, click on "My Account," and update your personal or charity-related information. Don't forget to save your changes.

Who sends out the tax receipts to donors?

Adoptify handles sending tax receipts to donors within a year following their donation(s). We only need one annual receipt from you. For the rest, we take care of it!

How can I invite other members of my charity to access our profile on Adoptify?

To add other members of your charity to manage the profile, go to "My Association," then click on "Members" and "Add a Member." Provide their email address, and you're all set! Please note that this person will have full access to the profile and information.

How does Adoptify work for charities?

Adoptify lists French animal protection charities in a directory to provide them with more visibility among local donors and reach national donors. To do this, you simply need to register your charity and provide information about it in a few minutes. After that, the Adoptify team takes care of everything! We work hard to ensure you have extra online visibility and send tax receipts to your donors whenever they make a donation to your charity. Ultimately, through Adoptify, you collect the sum of donations every week to help animals, all free of charge. This is our way of helping animals in need.

Does Adoptify offer resources to help charities maximize their donations?

We send an email once a month with information or tips for animal protection charities. However, we don't just cover the topic of donations or the strategy to obtain more.

How can I remove my charity from the platform if necessary?

To remove your charity profile, please contact us.

Can international animal welfare charities register on Adoptify?

No, only French animal protection charities are currently listed on Adoptify.

Can I promote my charity's profile on Adoptify?

It's not possible to promote a charity's profile on Adoptify to appear before other charities in searches. However, you can send us a testimonial with your opinion about Adoptify, and you will be featured on our homepage under the "What Our Users Think of Adoptify" section.

PATTE Blanche Label

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What is the PATTE Blanche Label?

The PATTE Blanche (Protection of Animals with Total Transparency and Ethics) Label was created by Adoptify to promote transparency and ethics towards donors. Its goal is to provide donors with more transparency about the resources, expenses, and actions carried out by labeled animal protection charities.

How can I obtain the PATTE Blanche Label?

If you wish to obtain the 'PATTE Blanche' label for your charity, you must adhere to the criteria established by Adoptify. This includes creating your account, registering your charity, and completing the form in your personal space. Additionally, you need to commit to certain criteria listed on our dedicated label page.

How are the criteria for obtaining the PATTE Blanche Label defined?

The criteria are established based on public expectations.

Is the PATTE Blanche Label free?

Yes, the PATTE Blanche Label is free to make it accessible to all animal protection charities.

How can I know if a charity has obtained the PATTE Blanche Label?

Animal protection charities that have been labeled have the PATTE Blanche logo on their Adoptify profile. You can also filter your charity search based on the presence of this label.

What benefits do charities enjoy by obtaining the PATTE Blanche Label?

Labeled charities have the opportunity to demonstrate to donors their commitment to animal welfare and transparency in managing and using received donations. Ultimately, they show a "white paw" to their donors with the goal of raising the necessary funds to save more animals in need.

Does the PATTE Blanche Label have an expiration period?

Once obtained, the PATTE Blanche Label remains valid as long as you continue to meet all its criteria.